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Testing link to eleven2.

looks like i might be migrating there.

Play-Asia Coupon Code

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I bought two games from Play-Asia lately. One is Elder’s Scroll 4 : Shivering Isles and the other is Burnout Paradise. I only wanted the latter. The former one was bought because I thought getting only 1 game from there does not justify the courier cost from HK to Msia. I actually planned on getting Rachet and Clank, but it was out of stock. And so I got myself a game (Elder’s Scroll 4 : Shivering Isles) which I have bought wrongly. The price at the time I bought it was RM120 and I’m selling it for RM 90 only. Do let me know if any of you are interested.

In addition, here’s a coupon I got for my purchase:  HM-ERW-DGF

I foresee that I won’t be buying anything from there anytime soon and therefore am willing to share it out to any of you guys who wants it. It gives a discount of US$5 for a minimum purchase value of US$50. This coupon only works once, expires on 23.10.2008, and only through this link. So grab it fast before it’s gone.

iPhone Girl

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I lazy to type so I just copy and paste la (stolen from neowin.net):

A Chinese factory worker who became an internet sensation after a photo of her flashing a peace sign was left on an iPhone has been identified.

The photo was left on an iPhone delivered to a British customer who posted it up on an Apple message board. Since then the photo has gone around the world and people have tried to identify the mystery worker.


Not sure if this is or is not the ‘norm’ but I just received my brand new iPhone here in the UK and once it had been activated on iTunes I found that the home screen (the screen you can personalise with a photo) already had a photo set against it !!!!

It would appear that someone on the production line was having a bit of fun – has anyone else found this ?

Foxconn, which makes the iPhone for Apple, has now confirmed the girl has been identified but says her job is not at risk and has called the incident a “beautiful mistake”.

However the girl herself is more than a little perturbed by the reaction to the picture.

“”She’s just a young girl who has come to the city from her remote hometown. She’s never been in such a situation,” a Foxconn representative told the South China Morning Post.

“She’s really scared by the media. She told me she wanted to quit her job and go back home to get away from this. We let her off work today so she could rest. “

It ain’t over yet

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It’s been several hectic months for me. Working non-stop. Work, eat, work, sleep. And it ain’t over yet! Damn my hair now is as long as that ghost gal that came out from the tv in the ring. And speaking of ghosts, it’s now the ghost month in the lunar calendar. Hooray! But they won’t have much to eat since the fuel price went up and everyone’s keeping their bellys tight.

Just Thinking About It While I’m Doing My Work

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The thought of Vietnamese Hats just popped up and I can’t resist a post here.

I don’t think theses are called vietnamese hats

But who cares? I call them what I like. Picture taken during an outing at Vietnamese Kitchen in 1Utama. Pricey food for a normal dish. That’s what KLites love the most. BTW, I didn’t pay for the meal. I ran off when the Vietnamese people weren’t looking. That shows how thrifty I’ve been since the fuel price hike.


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No, it’s not the sound you make when you poo. It means the highest point in life. And in my case, possible the lowest in my job. This past few weeks I’m super duper busy du de du dah… It’s not the peak season for tax filing. This only means one thing, I need to work till I die or else I will die from my boss.

So to break this silence in my blog, I post a few pics I took over the weekend. Damn I miss GT (will post soon, PROMISE!)

XPAX Jump!

Lame… Moving on to my Girly shot…

Don’t go gay over me, I’m straight

And I’m attach to the girl that freezes time…

Ms Freeze

Windmills in its infancy

That’s all for now. Ferron out.

Last Weekend…

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…was the most eye-washing session (on Malaysian products) that I’ve ever done in my entire life! But it seems like there is never enough eye-washing for me, or any other straight guys. So this weekend I’m offering myself to a paid session of eye-washing, i.e. washing eyes with Japanese candies. And I’m offering you readers a chance to wash eye too. For only RM100 per ticket (normal price RM150) you too can get a clearer view of the world. Just drop me a message if you want one. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Head here. SUPER GT BABY!

Sumo jump!

I won the first round (which was titled “ladies fighting”)

I lost the second round because I twisted my ankle. The same ankle that I twisted a few years back when I played basketball. I guess that lousy piece of bone didn’t really heal after all, and possibly never will.




Lovin’ it




Too much of a good thing is NEVER a bad thing. More eye-washing this coming weekend and I really can’t wait!